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“He is totally professional and extremely pleasant to work with […]”
– Monika Langguth – Author/Songwriter – Connecticut/USA

Hi! My name is Luis Peres, I´m 51 years old (going on 14) and I´ve been illustrating professionally for about 29 years now since 1992. Always working from the south of Portugal as I´m located right on the western side of the country, on the touristic region of Algarve next to the Atlantic Ocean in a place with great beaches and awesome seascapes that have always been my main source of inspiration.

I´ve been an illustrator and graphic designer until around 2008 when I became solely a full time illustrator, leaving the graphic design a bit to the side after a lot of years also creating software design for a few Portuguese software houses.
Over the years I´ve worked in children's books, concept art, cover art, board games, posters, prints, logos, greeting card illustration, my share of school book projects, and everything that needed my style of illustration; ( just opened a new Etsy Shop too ).

“I am highly impressed with the quality of his work and he consistently meets or
exceeds my deadlines. Luis puts his heart and soul into each illustration he creates.”

— Christina Matthews – No More Monsters, Inc. – Florida, USA

26 years ago, I was part of the team that created the first professional Portuguese PC video game ever done in Portugal, which came out back in 1995 (Gambys) after I spent three years designing the game characters; creating hundreds of sprite animations (pixel by pixel on the old Deluxe Paint software long before Photoshop came along) and also modeled and made a few 3D rendered short films to include in the game; at that time when 3DStudio was just begining and was still in its 2.0DOS version; if you can imagine how that was like back then; with a 4.86PC at 33Mhz speed with 16MB Ram…fun times.
After that I´ve designed hospitality software for several years while doing part-time illustration in between, but since 2008 I work full time in illustration as a freelancer.

“When I received the sample illustrations of the main characters in my manuscript,
I immediately knew Luis Peres was the illustrator for my children’s picture book. ”

— Mary Evans – Author of “Thunder and Lightning” – USA

I work both for regular companies such as Areal Publishing; ( as well as Eudactica ; Arandis, etc ) here in Portugal for example; or for private clients that want to go into self-published or print on demand projects. I do not discriminate and I treat each project the same way. To read more about this I do suggest you check out my article on the way I work where I´m sure you´ll find a lot of answers to your questions, particularly if you are a new author trying to get into the independent publishing brand new field.

“He was able to capture the images that were in my mind’s eye  for over 16 years.”
— Tony Lamair B. – Usa

I do work with all types of budgets, so if you´re not a company but just a person with a dream do not hesitate to contact me to present your project today as I’ll try to come up with a solution that is not expensive for you but which will still be fair to me.

If you are or want to be a self-published author do not be shy as I have experience in helping print-on-demand clients to get their personal book projects done too.


As I mentioned, you should begin by reading my article on the way I work and then contact-me after that because there are still one or two trade secrets I can tell you which I´m sure will help you decide to get my illustration services afterwards and help you fulfil your publishing dreams.


Message Sent ! Thank you for contacting me.

I have a new ETSY Shop with some of my artwork turned into digital downloads, printable downloads, poster prints, t-shirts and some other stuff , so if you care to take a look please go and visit my https://www.etsy.com/shop/ICreateworldsArt

Thank you.