Fantasy Comics

"Once Upon a Time on Mars"

If you like fantasy or science fiction stories with humor or you´re looking for original comic book art then come with me to ancient Mars. It´s hard for me to describe the idea behind this story without spoiling the plot, but let me just say that if you love, steampunk, “Ancient Aliens” the tv series, forbidden archeology is your thing and you are interested in topics like “The Face on Mars”, Cydonia or ancient astronauts theory and you never encountered a comics story based on that before…well, you have found one !

I plan to remake this work sometime in the future as this has still too many amateur touches as it was done over a large number of years and I used this mostly to practise some new skills at the time and so the end result has some inconsistencies which I want to correct in the next version. In the meantime , welcome to Mars folks !!


Let me take you back 65.000.000 million years or into some sort of crazy
time frame like that with lots of zeros in it just to impress people.
Have you ever wondered how was it like in those days,
when Mars had oceans on its surface?
And, what about martians? How green were they?
Who built the Face on Mars?
What´s the meaning of life? Is there life after death?
How boring is it?
Who controls the universe anyway and does it have any weekends off?
If not, why not?
These and lots of other stupid questions are answered in 180 page graphic novel
created over a period of five years of work with color pencils, watercolors
and buckets of sweat, just for fun.

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I always wanted to create a fantasy story around forbidden archeology themes, specialy since I´ve been following the Cydonia/Mars controversy for decades now; but I was never able to imagine an original setting to put my ideas into.

I did not wanted to create the typical serious hard-core sci-fi exploration cliché plot and so when I discovered the Art Bell talk radio show and particularly the work of Richard Hoagland on those subjects that was like the key to unlock what was inside my imagination and the answer to what type of imaginative story i wanted to tell.

I already knew I was going to do a fantasy with no human characters in it and it was going to be a funny light adventure. The ancient aliens angle became the piece that was missing and arrived just at the right time for me to put my Once Upon a Time Mars comics project together.
Up until a couple years ago all my illustration work was done in traditional mediums and now that I´m mostly doing digital work, this latest current version of “Once Upon a Time on Mars” remains probably the last thing I ever did as a hobby  in traditional materials, with real water and real paints.

This book was done over a period of five years entirely in traditional techniques, like watercolor, color pencils, acrylics and ink and it was my night hobby as during the day I was heavily involved in boring and serious professional graphic design projects as I was a software designer by day, martian artist by night. Hiker on weekends.
As I said before I used this project mainly to test some new skills, learn some others at the time and so I want to create a definitive new version for this in the future.


30 YEARS IN THE MAKING…and still not done…

This project had many versions; from the original I did when i was a kid when these characters were first created around 1987, (when i was 17) to subsequent others that I´ve been working on over the years and which matured the idea as the time went by and I created each new version.

This work has another thing that I think makes its origin stand out from the rest of the fantasy offers out there.
It was not planned. And with this I want to say, that I have a chaotic way of creating stories. I never plan anything. I don´t do much test sketches either. I have an idea, I imagine everything in my head and then when I have all the visuals in my mind I go to the canvas and draw everything as the final version already. So what you see on
my images is really what you get. I´m definetely not one of those comics authors that plan each page, create hundreds of planning sketches and think every detail to the last. I don´t even know what´s is going to happen in the next scene in the page, might alone on the nexp page. I have no clue !


The way i do my stories (and my artwork), is, I have an idea of where to begin, I know generally what happens in the middle and I have more or less figured out what happens in the end. But nothing else.
The time I imagine a story and I have it completed inside my mind I don´t even bother to put it to paper as for me that is like repeating an already completed piece. What I like to do is get inspired, and then see where each pic or each comics story takes me second by second.
I absolutely do not like to plan my art or my stories and every time I try to do that i get so frustrated and bored that the end result is always a poor job.


So this “Once Upon a Time on Mars” was no different. I already had a template from what I did in the old versions, but once the Art Bell and the now popular, Ancient Aliens type stuff entered the picture my imagination took total control and I totally let go to see where I would end up.
Fortunely it worked once again and I ended up with a story.
The only thing was that I wanted to create a 50 page graphic-novel to print as a typical European hardcover book but instead when i stopped and completed the comics, I had already 180 pages of illustrations done in pencil !

But it was fun. And I had to stop.
In fact I still have material stored in my imagination for at least two new sequels to this first adventure and if I wanted I could have gone drawing the original story for a couple years without stopping.
But I had to stop and so I ended up with the fantasy adventure you can now read and hopefully enjoy.

So I hope you enjoy this current version of my fantasy martian graphic novel, comics, (banda desenhada in Portugal), or whatever you call it in your country.
If you spend a couple of hours with my characters and have fun with my imaginary worlds i´ll be very happy.
You can buy the printed REAL book version here in my shop also.