HOW I WORK 2 - Important Notes before we continue.” 

Every Step of my creative process for Children´s Books explained.

The following example in "How I Work 3", next,  is a generic example of what I do to create a "standard" square aspect ratio 8.5´x8.5´ modern children´s book based on a fully illustrated spare page as done for New Paige Press - "The Masterpiece - Book 1 of the One Big Canvas series".
Another type of children's books, for example, the ones based on prose chapters with text on one side and image on the opposite page may require a different type of approach; ( for example, it may not need the type of storyboard I do to structure a 8.5x book). So this process may vary depending on the nature of the project.

Because these days I also do a lot of work for Self Published clients or for print on demand authors this next example is mostly focused on that type of client and not on the traditional trade company.


As I mentioned in my article before, once upon a time illustrators only worked for established companies; like publishers, marketing firms, graphic design studios, etc, but then one day the Self Publish scene became part of our reality. Many still ignore it, I don´t because I have also met some fantastic people that I would never meet otherwise.

But folks, those two worlds tend to have different creative requirements and so this section, is mainly for the independent Self Publish author.
Yes, for you!
Particularly, if you´re a beginner and have no idea where to start.
I can help.

The big difference is that to me as an illustrator when I do work for a company I do not have to go through any of the creative steps I will demonstrate next.
Simply because when I get book projects from one of my publishers, for example, Areal Editores here in Portugal, I always get their books with the full layout already planned and I only need to do the illustrations based on their brief and structure, without worrying about storyboards, layouts, etc.

BUT... For the new Self Publishing authors, most of the time people have no clue how to plan a book layout or what the book will need in terms of graphic design.

They just want their book to appear done.
So when I work for a Self-Publish or Print on Demand client I do need to do the whole thing from scratch to the very end. Also to make sure my illustrations don´t end up being used in terrible an unprofessional presented ways later as there are some terrible Self Published examples out there out of good artwork ruined by amateur "graphic designers".

So...If you are a company/publisher, this "HOW I WORK" section is of course, not for you as you guys already know how to work with illustrators. ;)

This example is for all the independent authors out there to understand how I can also create a book for them out of nothing but their text. So here´s how the magic works...

1500xThe Hidden Spaceship STORYBOARD 1 -
1500xThe Hidden Spaceship STORYBOARD 2 -


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