HOW I WORK 4 - Test Illustration

Every Step of my creative process for Children´s Books explained.


I´m not your typical illustrator. I tend not to follow the traditional rules when creating an image.

People find it weird at the beginning but once they get comfortable with my method they understand the way I create my artwork is the reason my portfolio exists in the first place. It would not be the same if I planned any of my pics in extreme detail like many regular artists go about before creating a final rendering.

If you like my portfolio and want to hire me based on that, understand that everything you see in my portfolio was mostly purely spontaneously created out of thin air without almost no planning whatsoever.
So in my defense, my portfolio speaks for myself, for good and for bad. What you see is what you will expect to get.

What I mean is that if you are looking for an illustrator that dwells for days on end creating sketches to plan each and every detail of an illustration, switching revised sketches back and forth until the drawing is ready to be finalized, you do not want to hire me.
You hire me to get the results you see on my portfolio and those are there because of the way I work being so out of the ordinary.

When it comes to children´s books, mostly I don´t plan a single thing beyond the initial storyboard. Everything else is in my mind and therefore I do not do many sketches to plan anything else. This is also why I tend to work faster. Not only I have more than 20 years working with this crazy method but being able to paint my artwork that way makes me work a lot faster than the "traditional" artist. Which is always a plus for my clients and why they come back often.

This means that when I´m painting my illustrations I have no clue what they will look like at the end and above all, I don´t want to know what they will look like at the end other than the initial vision I have in my imagination and which allows me to paste it into the storyboard at the beginning. My work method is very organic and spontaneous and this is what keeps me wanting to create. Planning stuff is not my thing and the pics I get immediately bored with are precisely the ones that sometimes require specific details.

If I planned an illustration with tons of sketches and went into the final rendering already knowing how everything would look like at the end I would lose my creative energy completely because I would already be dreaming about some other pic while trying to paint "a boring" one where I already knew how the end result would look like.

So, for Step 2, I just take one of the storyboard "sketches" and then go about to render the final image directly from that as you can see here.

Don´t worry about revisions.


Because all my paintings are done in a ton of layers I can always go back and tweak everything you need at the source. I can even do radical changes on any element you need to see modified.

My crazy method actually saves time in production because many times clients actually end up getting a cool image they were not expecting and that tends to work even better than what they had in mind when writing the story. And I don´t run out of creative energy by having to spend days on end fine tuning an early sketch. There is nothing that I hate the most than having to spend days on a painting that I already know exactly how it will look like at the end. That is I´m not a "sketch" artist at all. I prefer not knowing what the end result will be and all you can see in my portfolio is an example of that.
The weird thing about my creative method is that I end up not having anything to show to the client as a work in progress and that takes trust from the person who hires. Then again, if someone hires me based on my portfolio they know what I can give them too.

Because of this I also tend not to charge for revisions; unless they end up taking days on end... and in that case, I do need to charge a fee. But I cannot remember the last time I was stuck with a project done like this and so my revision process tends to be simple and swift after the client sends me notes based on all the "completed pics" I deliver after I finish going through my initially approved storyboard and paint one by one in the same way you see me doing that on this video example above.


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