HOW I WORK 5 - Extras : Title Pages / Credits Page, etc.

Every Step of my creative process for Children´s Books explained.


As I mentioned before, when working for regular traditional trade companies, like publishers, marketing companies, software companies, etc , creating extra stuff is usually not part of the deal. For example, when I do a package of let´s say, 50 illustrations for Areal Editores here in Portugal, I just deliver the actual illustrations and that´s it. That is what they are paying me for and they don´t need my services for anything else.

BUT... as I mentioned, since the arrival of the Self-Publish option, plenty of clients started to contacting me not just for the illustrations but also needing help in creating the actual book design. And that means extra stuff to do.

So, once again ( and only for those types of independent amateur clients ) , I was "forced" to start including other services in what would only be an illustration package if I was doing this for traditional publishers, but now for the Self-Publishing client had to be included.
This is because that most people who are out there on the web looking for an illustrator to work on their self-publishing project don´t even think that they will not only need the illustrations done but also , they will need to hire a graphic designer to put everything together and create the actual book. And for that they need illustrations + page layout with the texts placed in their right spots + cover art + extra pages added ( like a credits page , a title page, etc ).

And that is what I also if one of my clients request help with that process.
Also because as I said before I like to keep creative control within the design phase too; because one of the current dangers for professional illustrators out there that work for self-publishing clients out of the blue is risk seeing their professional illustrations used in terrible amateur ways, in terrible designs created by amateur folks that a self-publish client finds somewhere in crowdsource sites and which in the end give the worst image of the original illustrator´s work by not having a clue on how to take an illustration and apply it to a professional design. And there´s plenty of awful amateur looking books out there in the self-publishing world. Sometimes, ruined by amateur designers.

That is why I also like to create the design for the book if I´m doing a project for a self publish client. At least I make sure my original illustration work is not used in terrible ways out there and, also of course that client does not throw away the investment on a bad final product.

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