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Every Step of my creative process for Children´s Books explained.


All that I have detailed before was mostly related to the creation of children´s books when I´m hired by independent clients. And as I mentioned before I charge per project and not per illustration.

But there´s and exception to the rule.

Because through out my 28 years of professional work, I have worked on all sorts of different projects, from video games, to software design, puzzle illustration, greeting cards, school books, board games, posters and book covers as you can imagine sometimes an illustration gets commissioned as a single piece. For example artwork for a book cover.
In those cases I do need to charge per pic as long as that commission is an isolated job and does not require a batch or a package of illustrations.

And once again, the rates depend either I´m doing that job for an established "professional" company with large commercial goals and which will profit from my illustration easily to sell a product to mass audiences or if I´m just doing an illustration for "Aunt Emma" who wants to publish a book for her family.

So prices for each pic totally depend on that commercial range, but also depend once again on the time it takes for each image to be done. Sometimes an illustration can take 6 hours, sometimes can take 72 hours, it all depends if an illustration is also to be done in a more traditional toon children´s book style or as a concept art painting. It depends on the number of characters if any, level of detail, size of the painting, color or no color, etc, etc, etc.

I have done paintings for as low as $250 and as high as $5500 + per image. Once again, all dependent on the client and commercial objective of the piece. A single image can cost $500 for "Aunt Emma" to use on her family book cover but would cost $5500 if bought by an advertisement agency to be used in a wide audience marketing campaign to sell a product. See the relation between these and the reason for those prices difference ?...

So... bottom line, it does not matter if you are representing a company or you are a granny out here looking for a book cover. I can help.
I do not discriminate, I work with all sorts of budgets and I can adapt my work style to any amount that´s in your budget; professional or amateur.

Don´t be shy and let me know about your project and I will do my best to find a good middle ground between what you can spend and what I need to at least cover my minimum expenses when it comes to the actual value for the work you need me to do for your project.

Talk to me. :)


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