What follows is an animatic and some concept art, out of what started as a regular project but now has also become a portfolio piece for me. It´s the first time I use a 3D software to create the base for illustrations and in this case, I used Blender from Blender.org to create the next animation.

Unfortunately, my old 2011 hardware is no match for the current rendering requirements out of these programs and so instead of a fully complete high res detailed model animation I was only able to do the rough animatics which you can see below.
Nevertheless, the idea was mostly to give some depth to the original 2D work I did out of the first Blender model work and so for now it´s enough for my objective here.

Every 12 seconds of this simple animatic took me about 18 hours to render and this was in low res, so you can guess how old my 2011 hardware now has become. It´s good for traditional digital painting but I know that if I want to continue with this animation experiments I will need to get a new computer soon.