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“I am more than thrilled that I found Luis. I am preparing to publish a children’s book that initially began as a Cd.  The recording contains the words that will be used in the books and it also has a lot of music and sound effects.  I spent a great deal of time searching for someone that I believed could put into visuals what I wanted to see on the printed page.   Since my writing is very descriptive, he had to stay within the realm of what I was describing and yet he embellished it and gave it a life of its own.

To create the picture of something that has music and sound effects is not easy, but Luis from Luis Peres captured it magnificently.  He has the ability to allow your imagination to soar into his pictures and go into the world that he has created.

Luis began working on it and he sent me back pictures so quickly that I was astonished at how intricate and detailed everything was.  I don’t think the man ever sleeps!  If he tells you you will hear from him in 2 days, it may be even sooner than that.  He is totally professional and extremely pleasant to work with and that is something that I totally appreciate.  I find it very difficult to work with someone that is resisting your ideas and yet, with an artist like Luis, I felt it was best to give him the freedom to work after I set down some of the images I needed to see in the book.  He went over and above.  He is not just an illustrator, but a creative imaginative designer and children book artist that will bring whatever he works on to a joyful and brilliant level that is exactly what children want to see.  Can you tell I think the guy is great!

I wholeheartedly recommend Luis at Luis Peres if you want to see pictures that jump off the page and pique your interest in all the little details.  To me, there is nothing like looking at a book and finding little tiny things hidden away within the art.
So write a great story and then hook up with Luis.  And then, like me, you’ll  be saying, “This is gonna be a best seller.”

Monika Langguth – Author/Songwriter – Connecticut/USA




“Luis Peres provided the most beautiful illustrations I could have ever hoped for.
I am the lead designer at a US marketing firm, so I have a very high level of quality I expect to see from artists.
Luis was not just a skilled illustrator, but he is also skilled at photoshop. Unlike many illustrators, he provides .psd files in addition to final .jpegs. His files can easily be tweaked, modified, and/or changed long after he has completed his agreement. This is a great value.
Luis at is also a very affordable children book artist. He provides work at a level that would easily justify much higher rates. I really appreciated his many emails with updates and status. I knew exactly when I would receive my illustrations. Many illustrators miss deadlines, and keep you out of the loop, but not Luis.
I highly recommend him!”

Lead Designer @ Global Innovative Marketing



“Luis Peres is phenomenal! He is extremely creative, imaginative, and especially talented. Exceptional illustrators with his abilities are hard to come across– he is indeed a rare find! We are so happy to have found him! His creativity is endless and his imagination is incredible.
Luis is a gifted illustrator who has a unique ability to capture your vision and bring it to life. His unmatched style, together with traditional techniques and attention to detail, creates AMAZING results. I am highly impressed with the quality of his work and he consistently meets or exceeds my deadlines. As always, we can’t wait to see what his imagination and creativity will bring. Luis puts his heart and soul into each illustration he creates. We look forward to working with him in the future. You can’t go wrong with Luis  – You won’t be disappointed!”

Christina Matthews – No More Monsters, Inc.
Florida, USA



“When I received the sample illustrations of the main characters in my manuscript, I immediately knew Luis Peres was the illustrator for my children’s picture book.  He captured the essence of the characters flawlessly bringing each word to life.  Whenever I share my book, before I even read it, I ALWAYS receive instant feedback on how amazing the illustrations are! Children and adults as well, love the artwork, but boys especially are drawn to the lively and colorful characters.  Luis has been an amazing partner and so eager to produce quality illustrations!  He has motivated me to write a sequel, which will be an equally exciting collaboration.”

Mary Evans – Author “Thunder and Lightning” – USA



“He illustrated my first kid's book last and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking an artist. You won't be disappointed !! Luis is honestly not only an amazing artist but a great man as well !! He has the utmost integrity and character.”

Matt Blair – Author
Phoenix Az – USA



“Luis Peres is a master of artistic creativity in my opinion. His characters have sprung to life in my poems and are much loved by adults and children alike. From Dad, hurtling through space in his ergonomic chair, which seems to have gone quite out of control out there in space, to a dinosaur polishing off the remains of his dinosaur friends, his work will make you laugh and laugh.  The picture which is absolutely adored by children from 188 countries so far, is the Dragon Called Drac, who graces my Welcome Page on my main website.  I couldn’t imagine that any other dragon would take his place.
Poor Mildred the witch, absolutely scatter-brained, is so well illustrated by Luis Peres. She is another of my favorite characters and her poor broomstick instructor couldn’t be portrayed better as he holds his head with frustration.

Then Luis has done a fantastic artwork for my space-fantasy poems.  In “Beware of the UFO’” he portrays vividly a poor woman gazing with amazement from her window at the UFO streaking across the sky above her.  I advise her, in my parody of “The Teddy Bear’s Picnic” that if she goes up on the moors at night, to beware of the UFOs.
Last, but certainly not least, I love love love his illustration about the aliens who come to earth.  I ask “Would you recognize one if it knocked on your door?” and he has done a picture of an incredible alien knocking on my door.

Then, in another picture, whilst a man with a telescope is scouring the sky for flying saucers, an alien with one large eye taps him on the shoulder from behind.  Laugh?
I and lots and lots of others I am sure will laugh forever at Luis’ fantastical pictures and I’m so glad he has done these for me.
I am deeply indebted to him as I’ll never forget!”

Josie Whitehead
Ilkley – West Yorkshire



“Luis’s work is excellent. He has great initiative and can deliver a top-class product. I will be asking him at Luis Peres to do more work for me in the future.”

Sligo Cards



“Thank you for all of the time, though, and energy that you put into illustrating my story and making the dream of turning it into a children’s book happen. I felt like the story had a lot of potentials but translating it into illustrations would be really hard.
I am amazed at the way Luis has been able to translate more of the abstract concepts into images that have brought the book to life in a really fun way. The illustrations as a whole beautifully capture each thought. He created something more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. Luis was able to create a mood with the expressions so well, and his innate sense of bringing the words to life in the characters seems perfect to me in every detail. Thank you Luis for developing characters to be so lovable in the way that you did.”

Ryan Umari – Author



“Luis Peres was responsive and the breathed life into my children’s book.
He was able to capture the images that were in my mind’s eye for over 16 years.
As a result of his creative abilities, my first children’s book, The Tale of Imani the Bunny, was published in January. “

Tony Lamair B. – USA